i try

this is probably the 6th blog i’ve attempted to make work over the last 7 years- no joke. i’ve always had the desire to start a blog and recount the days of my life with complete strangers on the internet for some reason.

for the last year or so i’ve been telling myself and have been told, to start a blog. without trying to toot my own horn, i  can humbly say i’m a decent writer and a great story teller. with that in mind, i decided- along with what seems like every other 21-year-old- to create and maintain a blog as a 2017 new year resolution.

when i think about my 5-year-old domains lost in the blogger universe, i kick myself thinking, “wow, if i stuck to it then, i’d have an amazing following by now” or “i’d be so successful in blogging, i  missed my calling”. but let’s be real,  most days i’m thinking, “you can make how much for posting a picture of a watch???!!!”.

no matter my thoughts or questions concerning blogging, this blog is different because this time around, i’m doing it for myself. i’m going to blog for me, myself and i with lack of concern for likes, comments and/or shares. or at least i’m going to try.

i don’t like feeling pressured to have the perfect picture, the perfect caption and the right amount of likes, so i’m aiming for this blog to be a safe haven where i don’t have to care for all (most) that i want to post.

so i’m gonna try to do that.

-cassandra c.




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