so after a semester of living 2 hours away and commuting to school every week, i’ve finally moved back into my little college town at the start of the semester, a few weeks ago. this weekend was my first weekend back home since moving away and it was delightful.


the whole purpose of me going home was to get my old yet reliable and beloved car fixed as she’s been acting up for the last few weeks. after my first day back at work, i made my way down 400 and abandoned Phoenix and the mechanics to be looked after the next day.

the next day

saturday i awoke earlier than preferred, sans car. one of my besties, audine, drove all the way from the other side of town to pick me up! bless her. we made our way to haley’s- the third piece to our trilogy HAC- and started making our way downtown to greet the goats.

trees of atlanta hosted a herd (is that what they’re called?) of goats to behind this park to help clear the ivy and kudzo for the future expansion of the atlanta beltline.

the day was cold, the park was empty (for the most part) and the goats were cute.

carl the goat

visitors were welcomed to feed and observe the goats. haley, audine and i even got to pet a newborn savannah goat- so cute.

the people from trees of atlanta and those who brought the goats to the sight were super sweet and informative! we had a great time despite the frostbite we encountered.

after greeting the goats, we walked around ikea and enjoyed the gourmet $5 snack of pizza, cinnamon rolls and cherry slushies to hold us over until dinner. after fighting the crowd of what seemed like the population of atlanta families, we made our way to piedmont park before the sun set.

me, haley and audine

we froze, we fought, i resembled a sea otter with the help of my fleece jacket and we had a mini photo/engagement shoot on the big hill overlooking the skyline of the city.

after our park adventure, we finally made it to dinner at the ok cafe! we were so excited to eat here after months of talking about it. i’m a huge emily giffin fan and in her lastest novel, “first comes love”, which takes place in atlanta, two main couples have their first date at the exact restaurant.

we knew nothing about the ok cafe and were pleasantly surprised by its menu and variety of options.


i woke up after a much needed and refreshing sleep. my mom treated me to lunch, shopping and homemade chicken parm for dinner. it was a day well spent and a week well started.

i’m looking forward to what this week has in store and to leftovers for lunch and dinner. amberlyn and megan (together we form MAC (lol aren’t my friends funny)) are coming over this friday for a girl’s night so that should be fun.

goals for this week consist of updating this public journal with new posts every tuesday and friday…let’s see how that goes. have a great week!

-cassandra c.


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