with sprinkles

i have an addiction.

i have recently developed this inexplicable craving for donuts. for strawberry frosted donuts. like the fresh ones so i only go in the morning when the dough’s soft and the pink frosting is too.

the sad part about this whole thing is that these donuts aren’t even from some cool, hipster, hole-in-the-wall bakery… they’re from dunkin’ donuts.

i’ve stayed loyal to these donuts as they’re the only ones i ever get from dunkin’ but lately they’ve consumed me and i’ve happily returned the favor.

i just had two this morning because apparently, one just wasn’t enough! the madness must cease.

i look forward to the day i’m not call by the vinyl decorated windows of dunkin’ on my way home and to the day i can order a strawberry frosted donut and get surprised with one with sprinkles even though i didn’t add “with sprinkles” to the end of my order.

but i always do because it’s sprinkles or nothing, am i right?! have a great weekend!

-cassandra c.


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