new bag, who dis?

the sky was clear, the falcons had a chance and i got a new bag.

i started my weekend off with two of my besties, amberlyn and megan, as mentioned in my previous post. you can find megan over at catastrophe & pie!

i have been in dire need of a new bag. like omg i wanted/ needed one. with that being the case, saturday we headed over to the outlet mall to start and end my hunt for a new bag/purse/pocketbook. i wasn’t leaving until i found one. amberlyn suggested we go into coach after many dreadful and unsuccessful trips in and out of stores that left us with empty hands and full wallets.

when i think of coach, i think of courtney of color me courtney. she used to work for coach and has posted about how she was part of the team responsible for re-branding the icon label.

before i read her story, it never really occurred to me that today’s coach is wayyyy different than the coach of my middle and early high school days. during which, my friends, my non-friends and myself went through our fair share of coach bags and wallets.

today’s different. today i carried around a coach bag for the first time in six years lol and it different feel weird- that shouldn’t matter but unfortunately, it does. today was a good day.

anyway this is the bag i got! it’s the coach christie carryall in the color silver/fog in the largest size. she’s beautiful, functional and just what i was looking for.

Image result for coach christie carryall fog

it’s seriously so beautiful in person that megan felt compelled to get one too! you can read all about our shopping day from her point of view here.

have a great tuesday!

-cassandra c.




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