new year, same me

my friend megan over at catastrophe & pie just posted her new year resolutions and has inspired me to do the same… even though it’s february. i hope to reflect on this toward the end of the year to see how successful (or unsuccessful) i am with this.

this is one of many lists in my life, yet it holds some extra importance because this one is really about bettering all aspects of my life. some of these are personal, some, not so much but without further ado here it is! in no particular order:

new year resolutions 2017

grow and paint nails

get at As in 3 of of my 5 classes as final grades

get an internship for the summer

save money!

be healthier (physically, mentally, emotionally)

wear more lipstick

eat breakfast everyday

develop a morning and night routine

participate more in class

drink lots of water

write more handwritten notes

read more books!

journal more

start a blog

pick out outfits the night before

complain less

stop apologizing for feelings

practice handwriting

at lastly… complete at least half of this list!

i’ve started working on some of these, as i’m sure is a little obvious and i’ve got some work to do on the others so let’s hope that goes well.

in honor of reflecting on the new year, here are a couple of never-before-seen silly photos of my friends and i from new year’s eve. there are a few more but it’s best i keep them to myself lol.

leave your own new year resolutions in the comments below!

have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @sequinsandsassblog

-cassandra c.




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