a day at ponce

this weekend amberlyn, megan, haley and i met up at ponce city market.

long story short, ponce was once an old sears building and is now a community of shops and food in the heart of atlanta. it connects directly to the atlanta beltline, has amazing #views of atlanta and is within walking distance to many different neighborhoods, parks and sites of the city.

if you’re ever in atlanta, it’s a must see. it’s one of my favorite places in general and one of the best places to window shop and fantasize about spending money you don’t have (or maybe you do).


the main purpose of our trip was to attend the “kiss for a cause” event ponce was hosting. at different times during the afternoon local atlanta “celebrities” were making an appearance and visitors were encouraged to donate $5 to have a meet-and-greet with said celeb.

we went to see sara hopkins aka sayhop. she was a viner (rip) who lives in atlanta, so we decided, we not? now i stalk follow her on social media to keep up with her latest adventures.

after meeting sara, we were in dire need of nourishment.

ponce has a central food hall with a plethora of unique options to choice from, so naturally i chose to have lunch at a chain restaurant. but in my defense, i’ve never had farm to ladle so this was somewhat stepping out of my comfort zone.

DSC_0034 (1).JPG

in between meeting sara, networking and window shopping, we headed outside for a mini photoshoot full of lots of giggles and recalling the rule of thirds because were wannabe photographers.

we ended our day with treats before heading home. amberlyn and megan enjoyed some king of pops, haley with some nostalgic cream soda and myself with gelato.

honey suckle gelato is a cute little shop hiddened in the food hall but revealed by the 30ft line of people waiting to get a taste. they do scoops, sandwiches and shakes!

their toasted marshmallow flavor is ohmygawd good. on this particular day i got toasted marshmallow, burnt butter and a pie crust cookie to top it off.

that’s it for my day at ponce with my beautiful, amazing friends!

thank you to amberlyn and megan for some of these photos. be sure to follow me on instagram @sequinsandsassblog for more snippets of my life and the blog.

have a great week!

-cassandra c.


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