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happy tuesday!

today, i thought i’d share some of my very favorite blogs. these are blogs that i read regularly and that truly make my day with each new post. commonalities about these blogs are the amazing women who run them.

these women are inspiring, hard working, entertaining and passionate about what they do while staying true to themselves. i love reading about their lives (because i’m a creeper) and following their success throughout the years. i feel like i personally know them!

the blogs featured are best described, in my opinion, as lifestyle/fashion/travel blogs and are a source of inspiration to me. in no particular order, here they are:


courtney’s blog is a colorful wonderland. she a blogger currently living in new york showcases her unique and colorful style!

courtney gave up her corporate career in fashion to focus on her blog full time and her content is better than ever.

she is super fun and entertaining on the blog and especially on her instastories- go check her out!


omg i love naomi! *insert heart eyed emoji*.

naomi started documenting her life back in 2007, just before she graduated from juiliard and right after she married her husband josh.

they are currently living on the upper west side with their adorable family, which naomi showcases through the blog, on instagram and occasionally on youtube.

i started following naomi right after she had her last child and i can’t get enough of their life and adventures. naomi portrays an effortlessly chic style with mom skills to match.

aren’t they the cutest?!!


before she was “covering the bases”, krista was “southern shopaholic”, a student at the university of kentucky who showed off her preppy style with her own personal twist.

krista changed the name of her blog after moving to new york to pursue her new career and to better reflect her working for the mlb.

through the years, krista’s style and life have evolved tremendously and it’s been so much fun to keep up. between the blog and her career, she works two full time jobs and puts 110% into each.

despite the changes in her life and on the blog, she manages to be one of the most personable bloggers i read and is always so honest and open about everything she puts out into the world.

krista was probably the first blogger i started reading regularly. she was and still is a massive inspiration to me in so many ways from career, to style to traveling- she’s so much fun!

carly’s blog has a little bit of everything for the modern twenty-something year old woman.

carly’s from florida, went to school at georgetown (omg), did the whole new york thing, and is living the new england life in connecticut!

i was attracted to carly’s blog because of its name, right before i started college in 2013. she was a big inspiration and her cute college related posts hyped me up to experience it all for myself.

carly’s blog and life are personable and keep thing realistic and imperfectly perfect all at the same time. she’s always trying something new and is a joy to follow!

…and with that, we’re done with this round-up!

the blogs featured are my absolute very favorite to read and the ones that i follow on the daily. i follow so many blogs regularly that are so much fun to read and i’d would love to share a few with you all.

  • notable mentions

katie’s bliss

barefoot blonde

summer wind

the sweetest thing

stylish sassy and classy

carrie bradshaw lied

gbo fashion

girl with curves

southern curls and pearls

wow, that was a long post!

if you made it this far, congrats and thanks for reading! i hope you find as much joy and fascination in reading these blogs as i do.

have a great week!

-cassandra c.



*i own none of the photos featured in this post.



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