on my radar: shoes


i’m thinking of starting a re-occurring post/series of things on my radar to share on the blog. kind of like a wish list of sorts of things i want to buy but can’t because i currently don’t have any kind of disposable income. i’m surprised i even know what that is to be honest.

anyway, when i see other bloggers do this they always have a cute graphic to go with it, so to challenge myself, i  made one too. considering i know nothing about graphic design and barely know how to work a computer, i’m pretty impressed.

anyway, here are some thoughts on the shoes featured in my makeshift graphic,


1. giraffe loafers

how cute are these soludos loafers?! they have giraffes on them (my fave animal)!!! embroidered smoking slippers are typically so expensive so when i discovered soludos, i was so excited to see their reasonable prices and variety of designs.

i think these shoes will be a perfect transition into spring and summer and if i purchase any shoe in the next few months, it will be these!

2. rain boots

i’ve had my eye on these hunter rain boots for quite some time now. since everyone and their mother has a pair, i’ve seen them in person and absolutely love what they bring to an outfit.

the best part… they’re wide calf friendly 🙂

3. white birks

so i got my first pair of birkenstocks two years ago and have worn them to death. they are so so comfortable and go with very single outfit, like seriously.

i really want to try this style and when i went searching for a new pair i found these pair of “birkenstock essentials”. pretty sure they’re probably all rubber but also pretty sure i’d love them.

4. peep toe espadrille wedges

i’ve been wanting a pair of sling back, open wedges, saw them at target and new they were the ones. like i already have outfits in my mind pick out to go with them lol

5. platform wedges!

marc fisher… literally didn’t know about this designer until 2017, whoops. but now that i’ve been educated, i’m in love. almost every fashion-y blogger i follow has a pair of marc fisher wedges similar, if not identical, to these and i see why. they’re sooo cute! and now i want a pair too.

6.gold new balances

these new balances have been on my wish list for the last year now. j. crew and new balance have collaborated to create exclusive new balances with exclusive styles available at j. crew. i’ve seen them in person and the gold feature in these shoes are truly gorgeous and would make a great addition to my wardrobe.

i really enjoyed creating this post, especially because i know i’ll love looking back on it in the future and reflecting on what i was obsessing over! if anyone is reading this, i hope you enjoyed as well!

happy almost friday!

-cassandra c.

*all images featured in graphic are not mine

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