bit by the travel bug

so spring break begins next week and i’m really excited for the time off from school and work. after months and months of planning and searching for different destinations, airbnb’s and activities, my friends and i have finally settled on where we’re going.




well technically i’ll be at my house, tucked away in the suburbs of metro atlanta. but it’s fine, i’m not bitter or anything…lol but seriously, obviously this wasn’t meant to work out for whatever reason and now i’ll get to save the $2 i have to my name and hang out at home #freewifi #freefood #cable.

ever since i’ve been looking for spring break destinations, dreaming of the beach and/or exploring a city, i’ve been so excited for my awaiting adventure and now…nothing. i’ve been bit by the travel bug and am left itching it to death!

so since i’m going no where over spring break, i’ve been thinking about all the logical (in terms of travel accommodations and financial expenses) place i want to visit and explore in life but especially in 2017.

all this brainstorming has me reminiscing on last year’s spring break when i went the d.c with some of the best people ever (amberlyn and megan) and had the most amazing time.

i’ve been going through some pictures and can’t help but have the biggest smile on my face as i look back and remember the unforgettable memories we created and the fun we experienced.

so here’s a look into my camera roll from that week.  all photos taken on my iphone either through the camera or snapchat in order of capture:

i could go into so many details about that week and how much fun it was but i’ll spare that for now. d.c was such a beautiful city and i can’t wait to return one day. we saw so much of the city and walked miles everyday but it was soooooo worth it.

shout out to amberlyn and megan for being great travel companions (even though megan tried to leave us at the holocaust museum by secretly booking an uber… she failed).

have a very happy monday and thanks for stopping by!

-cassandra c.



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