hi, remember me?

i don’t even know where to begin…

this post will be part 1 of a giant update on my current life events, regarding the last two weeks, the events that have taken place and my absence from sequins and sass.

because i know, only about 3 1/2 people aka my besties read my posts, this is really for me as i’m still recovering the horror of specifically the last 4 days. here we go…

two weeks ago:

i left school to head home for spring break. as i was packing for what any witness would assume was a month long trip to china, i couldn’t find my laptop charger (!). after destroying my room, i deemed it lost or stolen- whatever the reason, it was gone.

although i could use my phone to blog, i didn’t and instead i enjoyed being lazy and/or being extremely busy- there was no in between.

despite that setback, i had a really great spring break with some friends! my childhood friend, shannon and i spent a day together and were joined by haley and megan. megan came into town to spend a few days with me and my friends exploring atlanta and we had soooo much fun!

one week ago:

on the sunday before the school week began, i decided to head back up to my college town since i had work early the next morning. i really didn’t want to leave home so i wasted time and waited around for audine so we could get a quick dinner before i started my two hour drive.

*downward spiral coming soon*

how quickly things change (lesson #1 of many to come)

at dinner i get a text from one of my roommates stating that hour power had been shut off. reasons being because she never put the bill in her name, as discussed and the last bill had been paid in december of 2016…

like wtf???????? who does that? to say i was in disbelief is an understatement because who lets irresponsibility get that far?

she assured me and my other roommate and me that she would handle everything the next morning and get our power back on.

since i had to be at work at 6:30am, staying at home was no option, so i called the lovely amberlyn and asked if i could sleep over for the night… which ended up being 3 nights.

one of those nights was for my birthday #22!

my birthday!:

so this year my birthday fell on a tuesday which was fine because i turned 22 and that in my eyes is an uneventful age to turn. falling on a tuesday which sucked because i had school all day and then, less than 24 hours into my new year, i was proven wrong about the uneventful-ness…

the day was made 110% because of megan and amberlyn aka mac. anytime i’m with them i’m instantly more happy and i’m really grateful to have spent my birthday with them.

we kept the night between us (doesn’t it sound like i’m talking about my husband or something lol) and went to a local restaurant for dinner and margs 🙂


we had another sleepover at amberlyn’s and woke up wednesday ready to take on the day. on wednesday, we had our composite photos taken for our sorority, then megan and i headed back to my apartment because the power was back (praise!) and i hadn’t been home, unpacked or slept there since before spring break- things were finally starting to feel back to normal.

after class on wednesday, megan and i had dinner before i was heading to a friend’s apartment about 30 minutes away. some back story on my car, phoenix: she’s 14 years old, has had a troubled past and is on her last leg. i’m aware of the circumstances, yet have tremendous hope that she (or he- idk how my car identifies but i’ve been feeling like a ‘she’) will last until next may when i graduate.

as i was approaching my friend’s apartment complex, my car had trouble accelerating, my check engine light began to flash and my engine made the most horrific car noise you could imagine. like two steel pans hitting on each other over and over again. the noise was soooo loud and i would’ve been in full panic mode if i wasn’t in such denial.

the sound was so bad, a man stopped me in the street to warn me that something was seriously wrong… i was beyond scared of what might happen. i depend on my car for everything!!!!

i finally made it to my friend’s apartment, parked my car. after a few hours of worry, stress, panic and help from a stranger and my amazing friends, i eventually worked through the steps necessary to tow my car and get it to a mechanic.

i once again spent the night at a friends, missed class and awaited to hear any updates on phoenix. it was miserable.

i’m gonna leave it here for now and my next post will conclude this crazy saga…

thanks for reading and be sure to stop by soon for part two!

-cassandra c.


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