hi, remember me? part 2

picking up right where i left off, be sure to read part 1 of this life update.


so on thursday, i hung out at my friends apartment while they all went to school, work and interview. i had the morning and early afternoon to reflect on life and fantasize about pick phoenix up from the mechanics. i was keeping a positive mindset because there was no way i wasn’t getting my car back, right? right??

…the end was near and i wasn’t prepare

in the early afternoon i got a phone call from my dad (who was in contact with the mechanic) who told me that it was over, it was all over. my cars engine was ruined and all the parts surrounding it were in pretty bad shape too. to replace and repair everything and pay for labor, the estimate was $10k! paying that much to fix a 14 year old car on its last leg doesn’t really make much sense.

“there’s never a good time for bad things to happen, but there’s always a better time” -cassandra c. (i think lol)

but seriously, this couldn’t have happened at a worse time financially for my family, who i am lucky enough to have supporting me. they’ve recently made some pretty significant purchases in life and around the house so the guilt was is real.


my friends are awesome.

one friend took me to work at 6 a.m!!! another friend (amberlyn) picked me up and brought me smoothie king!!! and every friend of mine showered me with reassurance that everything was going to be okay.


megan came all the way from home to pick me up and take my car-less butt to run errands. then she left me…

in the middle of my lonely day, my friend called to invite me to dinner- i said yes because #mexicanfood. she picked me up, we had a wonderful meal and when the check came, i reached into my bag for my wallet and noticed i had like 8 missed calls from my parents. they were “worried about my whereabouts” since i didn’t answer my phone but i knew something was up.

next thing i know, my parents are standing in front of me at the restaurant!!! with car keys! for me!

they came all the way to my little college town to surprise me with a new (new to me) car!!! yay! *happy dance*

so there you have it- an update on my life and the hectic-ness of the last few weeks. these event have thought me a few things i figured i share:

  1. my fam has my back
  2. my friends have my back and are amazing
  3. everything will always work out
  4. no matter how bad things can be, i will somehow make it through it
  5. everything happens for a reason (aka my life motto, seriously)

because phoenix died (rip) i have a newer, more reliable and safer car- not to mention she’s super cute!

still thinking of names, any suggestions?? comment on this post!

thanks so much for reading along and for keeping up with these posts if you have! and be sure to follow me on instagram for more frequent posts and life updates! @sequinsandsassblog

have a great weekend!

-cassandra c.


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