instagram roundup

a few weeks ago during spring break, i instagramed my day with friends and surprise, surprise… the whole thing was food.

p.s: i’m not surprised.

it was a weekend of trying new places and new things because 1. i was showing megan and shan around the city and 2. i love discovering and explore new restaurants and neighborhoods in atlanta.

so here are the pictures i posted and some insight along with them!

day 1:

  • sun in my belly


i went to google and typed in “best brunch in atlanta” and sun in my belly was the second option in the results and was reasonably priced so i settled on it. it was this adorable little hole-in-the-wall place, located in kirkwood-  a neighborhood i love.

shan and i ordered the scrambled egg pressed panini we so excited to dig in… after we had a photo shoot lol. it was so good *drool face*

the decor was rustic, clean and simple yet steered clear of tacky and country, which was impressive because mason jars can go either way.


  • ponce city market


we took a pit stop at ponce to walk around and maybe eat again but we didn’t make it that far because it was freezing and we were not prepared, like at all!

going on a tuesday and going in the deceiving freezing sunlight made for a very eerie and empty ponce city market. it was weird but also kinda nice to not be walking all over each other and strangers.

  • figo


at this point in the day, we i knew we wanted dessert but it was a while before we ate real food. i don’t know about you guys, but i often feel like i can’t eat dessert without eating real food because then my whole appetite and night feel off. anybody else?

haley suggested figo, as she described it to be “fast food italian”. i had never been and for the record, it was wayyyy better than fast food. i got the four cheese on penne pasta #basic.

  • cinnaholic 


after figo, we rounded the corner and walked in cinnaholic and the smell alone could put you at a higher risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

cinnaholic is a vegan, gourmet cinnamon bun dessertery that allows customers to top a plain cinnamon bun to his or her liking. we’re talking frosting flavors, toppings and drizzles. we had coupons courtesy of the humane league event i went to a few months ago!

my bun is on the bottom right. i got marshmallow frosting, pie crust crumbles as a topping and a chocolate drizzle. i was going for a s’mores theme. mine was a little too extra for me, so i wasn’t able to fully enjoy it but everyone else devoured theirs!

day 2:

  • douceur de france

the cutest french restaurant outside of france is alive in marietta, ga near the square. i’ve been going to douceur de france since high school and love sharing its atmosphere and amazing food with new people but just with anyone because its sooooo good.

i ordered the croque monsieur (the sandwich) with a side of french hashbrows (the round disk). it may look small but this meal is actually really filling, like “almost can’t finish” filling.

before we left i had to get some macarons to go because did you really go to a french restaurant if you didn’t get macarons??

described as if reading a book, the flavors featured above are strawberry rhubarb, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, lemon (my first time tasting them and why haven’t i before?!) and pistachio. they were all to die for- lauduree quality and flavor!

…and there you have it, an instagram round up, food haul (?) type post! any suggestions of atlanta restaurants i should try? comment below and don’t forget to follow me on instagram if you don’t already @sequinsandsassblog for more!

thanks for reading along!

-cassandra c.


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